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I am a professional artist working with design, mixed media sculpture and paintings. My artwork is about evoking conversations about mental health, and why be normal, when nothing is normal.  Through my own dark journey with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, and life in general, I found that art is my therapy.

What I do is not art therapy, it is my way to use art to move through the good, and the not so good times of your life. Some of those good times include working with groups and young people, there are no age limits to creating.

In creating and journaling for your mental health, I will help you express your deepest, darkest fears in a safe and creative space so you can move towards confidence and peace. Oh, and so you can relax and have fun with art too 😉

And yes, it can be done at home. No, you do not need to be creative or be able to draw a straight line. In fact, straight lines are over-rated. Life curves off in all directions, why not our lines on paper also.

Journaling Basics

  • 6-week Virtual Creative Release Journal
  • Door Open Soon for this course

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  • Monthly Canvas Painting
  • Quick Create Projects
  • Mixed Media Art & Journaling


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