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Why be normal when NOTHING is normal? 

I finally took the fake, happy, normal person mask off and tossed it all aside to face what was really going on. I quit trying to look normal and started using my gift of art to help others face real life.

This is the face of normal, but is it?

Three beautiful children, new home and a holiday. Who wouldn’t be happy?  But this is the face of a new mom with post-partum depression, a face that had fought anxiety and depression several times over the years. 

That new baby girl was born the week before I was to graduate from college with my Bachelor of Fine Arts. I had been working on a series of scultures dealing with mental health and “why be normal?” encouraging people to talk about how you are feeling, instead of covering it up all the time with the fake mask of “I’m fine”. 

Yet here I was, still wearing the mask of “I’m Fine.”

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Why I can understand…

I did it backwards.

Career, Marriage, Two Kids + Dog, Baby, Dipoloma = Overwhelm

Here I am with my dad, one of my sisters, my three kids and a spouse behind the camera. All my biggest supporters through my adventure of being a non-trad student, mom, working part-time jobs, running my own business, or volunteering for projects. 

Since this photo, many things have changed, my dad passed away of cancer, my siblings live many miles or states away, my boys are grown into their own lives, and that baby is graduating high school soon.

Also, over the years, the journey of each child growing into young adults has helped me learn how to help them through all their experiences and those big feelings that go with it all.

Through all the firsts: the first steps, boo-boos, lost teeth, parties, dates, loves, losses, sports, friend drama, car accidents, the learning differences of dyslexia, and then their own anxieties and depression bouts growing up, all those “firsts” have given this mom a wealth of experience to share.


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