Release Journaling 1:1


Do you have anxiety, depression, isolation, or a dark secret you just want to talk about but do not want to actually speak the words?  I can help you express those layers of dark feelings through layers of creative techniques in a way that no one will ever see what you express. A two hour 1:1 virtual session will offer you the basics of how to start your expressive journey.


You hear it is good for your mental health to journal for grief, anger, loss, motivation, self-reflection, goal setting, trauma, and just to document your thoughts.  But what if you want to say things with not risk having your journal found and read? What if you are in quarantine with someone who is starting to get on your nerves and you just want to say, “something you know you shouldn’t?” or maybe you have a big secret you need to get off your mind?  What if I have a way to help you say it safely without hurting anyone around you? I have a healthy, creative way to help you release those dark feelings and thoughts safely in your journal. You will be able to get all those feelings out and we will react intuitively with paint to find a way out of that darkness. Work with me 1:1 for 2 hours to get you started on your own unique way to journal those feelings in only a way you can do it. No artistic skills needed at all. No age limits, you just need to be able to safely use the items you chose to work with on your own. I promise, it is not about the outcome, it is about getting your thoughts out safely and know they will not be seen, unless you choose, they be seen. We just need basic items to get you started and we can discuss what you have easy access to that will work best for you in your situation.  Let’s talk about getting those feelings out of you.


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