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Design by Dayle presents the first Great Summer Art Camp August 9-13 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at The Barn on Custer Avenue in Gettysburg, SD.   There are only SIX seats available in The Great Summer Art Camp and is open to students from 4th to 7th Grades only.

We will cover the basics of arts, fun experiences in drawing, painting, sculpture, and more media.  The goal is to have hands-on fun learning the basics of arts and the experience of creating and discovering new ways to create art.

Camp includes a new sketchbook, a 22 Piece Drawing, and a Sketch Kit, full of all the basic supplies needed for young artists to start filling up their sketchbooks.  We will discover what each piece of the kit can do and use it daily to help create and learn.  All other supplies are included and they will learn with professional artist, Dayle Sundberg, with over 20 years of experience in art and design.

Private art lessons are $25/hr*.  The retail value of just lessons for camp is $375. 

Register by July 31, Camp & all supplies is only $127 per student. 

Register August 1 to 6, Camp & all supplies is $157 per student.

Refund Policy: 80% refundable until Aug 6. Non-refundable after Aug 7 due to purchasing all the supplies, prep, and last-minute attempts to fill the space. When class is full, you will see that it is sold-out.

There will be a wait-list! To be on the wait-list, please text  605-769-0811 “WAITLIST Art Camp”. 

*NOTE: Private art lessons are available on a weekly basis at $25/hour throughout the year. References available.


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